Algernon Palmer has arrived in England at last! To join his brother Eric and sisters

Biddy and Merry.


Algernon , or Algie to his family and friends, is eight and a very clever young lad.


He loves medieval history and learning , you’ll always find him sitting somewhere about the house or garden with a book open and his head down reading.

He does not do dirty.. he find’s it very hard to just let go and get down and play which is why his suit is so nice and clean, unlike most eight year old’s.

But now he’s moved to England , the home of Medieval castles and knights of old, he cannot wait to visit those places. After all he wants to be a Professor of History and teach everyone to enjoy it too!


At the moment he is staying with his aunt and uncle and Cousin Vivian Scarlet until his Mother arrives to set up home. He’s just hoping all his books and things arrive soon !.



4 thoughts on “ALGIE ARRIVES

  1. Hello Algie
    Welcome to Britain. Once you have settled and your mother arrives, perhaps you can persuade her to allow you to visit us in Wales? We have so many castles here that we are almost bumping into them and my Schoey son Aden could do with the good influence of a tidy boy who takes care of his clothes.

    Will you be home schooled? I am not sure primary schools would cater for your specific interests.


    • Hello trumblesmum ,
      I would love to visit Wales and see all the castles < I know lots about them and
      would be able to teach Aden all about them.
      His he very untidy? I could not share a room with someone who does not put everything away neatly every night and place his hairbrush and washing bag perfectly level to the table they are sitting on.
      Plus I need my eight hours sleep , does he snore?
      I attend school but I'm so far ahead of the others I sit on my own.
      yours sincerely

      Master Algernon Palmer


      • Good Evening Algernon

        I am quite tidy in the arrangement of my personal effects, especially my collection of information books. Also, I like to know that my torch and glass of water are on my night stand in the correct place, so I can find them in the dark, should I need to. My toys are few, and I am outgrowing them but keep them in a tidy row.

        I THINK that Mummy might have been referring to my hair and clothing, if she said that I’m untidy. A previous parent gave me a very bad haircut and it has just never grown properly since. As to my clothes, well, the quality just isn’t what it should be and I would be so proud if I had beautiful, period clothing such as yours. PLEASE don’t tell anyone else as it is most embarrassing, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my current garments have been worn by several other boys before me! Now, parents are in charge of providing clothing, so such a state of affairs is not really my fault. I think, between the two of us, that Mummy is well intentioned in her desire to provide so many of us with a loving home, but it is a drain on the family income, providing for so many of us.

        Quite honestly, I sometimes feel like one of the Weasley children, things can be a little chaotic and new clothing and books are hard to come by – thank goodness I don’t need a wand! But I do my best as I expect to go to either Oxford or Cambridge univesity one day and am keeping my affairs in order now, as practice, so I will know where all my study materials are at all times.

        Perhaps it is best if one day, after I’ve been to America for a skin graft, I come to meet up with you at The Schoenhut House, if that won’t put too much strain on things there. But at the moment, I tend to hide away as my skin blemishes are terrible and Mummy’s home cure might have made the condition worse.
        In the meantime, I would love to be your pen pal, or email pal, as I’m a real fan of castles and would love to learn more from you. You have clearly been able to study more than I have as the books we have here are several generations old and were used in mummy’s classrooms, so some of the pages are missing.

        Do say we can keep in touch. I never knew another Schoenhut boy to be interested in history and it would be so nice to swap information and perhaps castle photos.
        Best wishes,


  2. Good Evening Aden
    What a relief ! I thought for a moment you might be one of those little oik’s who were forever tormenting me at my last school ! Horrid little thugs who would steel my school bag and throw it into a tree!
    They were always covered in , goodness knows what and smelt like they’d been playing in the drains!

    I’m so glad you are not one of those people…

    I’m sorry to hear about your hair, I’ve been blessed with perfect hair, I don’t think it was always perfect as I do believe I may have had to under go some sort of treatment to bring me back to my best.

    I do hope no one in this new place is going to take my clothes and make me wear…… HAND ME DOWNS! I just would fade away from the embarrassment ! I would certainly never step foot out the door again.
    I think we would do quite well together, for I also have my glass of water by my bed along side my most favourite book, Castles of the British Isles.
    I’m afraid I don’t know the Weasel children ? but they sound a fright!

    I would love to have you for a pen pal and will be most happy to discuss the fortification of the twelfth century castle and manor house and other things.

    Now I must go and have my Ovaltine and two pieces of shortbread before i get ready to retire for the night.
    all good wishes, hoping to be your friend



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