Betsy has found some  large orange pumpkins on the kitchen table! She was just heading off to bed and noticed them glowing in the light from the open door.


Why are there so many pumpkins on the table? is she supposed to make faces in them? or cook them?  It’s all a mystery !




One thought on “PUMPKINS?

  1. Now,I know they are not Mrs.Mum’s favourite colour, but I think those pumpkins are gorgeous,

    Betsy. You could hollow them out, carve faces on them and cook the pulp from the middle. Then give the seeds to Mr. Dad to plant up for the pumpkins you need for 2019. Then everyone gains.

    On the other hand, they may be something to do with a certain elf princess and fairy godmother who turn them into coaches….. you never know what might happen at this time of year….


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