Nina is bored and wanders into the kitchen looking for something to eat.

Betsy is busy starting the vegetables for dinner, when Nina arrives sighing.


” Is there anything to eat? ” Nina asks Betsy

“Yes dinner in about an hour ”


Nina goes over to the kitchen cupboard and opens the door , inside are several tins of Peak Frean biscuits.


” Look Betsy ! Biscuits ! Can I have one please? ”

“No ” says Betsy ” It will spoil your dinner ”

” How can it spoil my dinner ? I’ll be eating it now not with my dinner !”

Betsy has to think about this… ” No I’m sure it will spoil it , that’s what my old mum used to say so that’s what I say too !”


Just as Nina is telling Betsy how she may just fall down dead from hunger . Penny and Clara arrive.

” Hello Nina ” Clara says  ” Hello Nina ” penny also adds.

” Hello ” says Nina shyly


” When’s dinner ” asks Penny

” Not you too ! ” complains Betsy ” I suppose you’ll be dropping down dead from hunger as well !” Betsy’s is slightly worried about this dropping down dead business

” I think we are last but it will be a terrible trial ” sighs Penny cheekily


“Well take Nina with you somewhere to play and that will take your mind off food and dropping down dead ” says Betsy in an irritated voice ” I do not like all this talk of dropping down dead ” she mutters

Realising that Betsy is getting concerned by what they are saying Clara smiles ” We’ll be just fine and won’t be dropping down dead or anything , so don’t worry Betsy we can wait ”

“Yes ” says Penny ” It’s just that your dinners are just so delicious it’s hard to wait , will there be apple crumble and custard? ” she finishes hopefully

“If I get some peace and quiet ” states Betsy


Realising that one of Betsy’s apple crumbles could be at stake the girls turn and head for the door.

“Let’s go and see what the boy’s are up to  ” says Penny

” No lets go play hide and seek until Mama calls us for dinner ” Clara chimes in 028

” What would you like to do Nina? ” Clara asks

” Eat dinner? ”

Penny and Clara laugh ” Come on, we’ll find something to take your mind off how long it is till dinner ” laughing Clara leads the way out the kitchen


Once it’s calm again in the kitchen Betsy pauses , all this talk of dropping dead if dinners not ready is very worrying , surely waiting an hour for dinner is not going to kill people , is it?

Feeling a little anxious Betsy starts moving quickly about the kitchen, maybe it could be ready a little earlier , so quarter to ! Then no one will be found dead.. or dying… feeling a little better Betsy starts humming as she starts cutting the apples for the crumble.



Betsy is the Evelyn’s home help, she’s been with the family ever since her mother, who worked for Evelyn’s family, passed away from pneumonia when Betsy was fourteen. Betsy is very innocent and trusting, a wonderful house keeper and cook but very naive and can believe the tallest of tales. Evelyn took Betsy in and makes sure she is well looked after and not worked too hard, although Betsy loves housework and needs to be made to take a day off every week !

Betsy loves Evelyn and family , her room at the top of the house, under the eaves, is her own little happy space , where she feels safe and protected knowing the family are all just beneath her.











2 thoughts on “WAITING FOR DINNER

  1. I’m glad to see Nina feels at home enough to be nagging for food. She must feel very relaxed to do so.
    Betsy has such beautiful eyes.
    Your Schoey community is an interesting and attractive little group. One day, perhaps Betsy will find a beau to walk out with. Lose shouldn’t be all cooking and cleaning for such a sweet lass.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes Nina is finally settling in , after all that’s happening her short life.
      I’m sure some young man will also fall for Betsy’s beautiful blue eyes but Evelyn will make sure she comes to no harm, but she’s still very young to be walking out 😉


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