Miss Vivian needed to get some things in for Christmas, so popped into the local shop in the Sasha Village for a few items.


“Hello Bruno ” says Miss Vivian

Bruno a little star struck at seeing Miss Vivian is back stutters  “Hello Miss Vivian ”


” I know you are nearly about to shut but can I just get a few things? ”

” Of course!”


Bruno waits while Miss Vivian makes a few selections.


“I’ll take the smaller items” says Miss Vivian , while Bruno tots up the cost ” Can you send the bigger one’s on to the Rectory? ”

” Yes ” mumbles Bruno trying not to lose count.


” Bruno ” says Miss Vivian as she’s leaving ” whatever it is you are worrying about.. it will all be fine ”

“Really? ” ask Bruno hopefully

“Of course after all…


Tomorrow is another day ”

and with that she’s gone……






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