Evelyn was so pleased with her new washing machine , that she decided that she need a whole kitchen!

She’s an old fashioned girl at heart so she does not want any of these new modern high tech things , she wants a nice old fashioned mismatched warm kitchen that’s the heart of the home.

So she sent Mrs Mum off to find her just the right sized range cooker like people used in the twenties.

Today it arrived.


Evelyn is delighted with her ‘new’ old cooker !


Maude one of the Sasha village children arrived and Evelyn’s been showing her everything. Maude is too polite to ask why she’s got such an old looking thing!


Evelyn owns some lovely copper pots that will be just perfect for her new range.


She tells Maude all about the butler sink she wants , Maude is impressed she’ll have  a butler to do her washing up!


Maude goes off to tell her family that Evelyn’s getting a butler to do the washing up! While Evelyn makes plans on what else she needs for the perfect kitchen.




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