Today Penny arrived in the village. Penny is a twin but she’s arrived alone because her sister needs to finish helping their mother pack because they are all moving here along with their aunt and cousin.


Penny came along with her Dad and Uncle to help them this end.


There is lots to do with getting everything ready for when the rest of the family arrive.


She hopes it won’t be to long before her sister Polly arrives, they are not used to being apart. Penny’s waving to Polly, so she knows she’s arrived safely and hopes to see her real soon. But Dad is calling, so she’d best go see what he needs now!





Today was so lovely that Miss Vivian went out into the garden to enjoy the warm September weather.


Miss Vivian loves to be accompanied by the family dogs, Peppy a poodle and the Ralph also a poodle but he’s lost some of his fur at present but it will soon grow back.



The boys have enjoyed a nice long walk around the garden with Miss Vivian and are now hoping for a treat.


But Miss Vivian appears to have stopped to admire the garden again! Peppy and Ralph wonder if they will ever get that dog biscuit at the rate she’s going.


But they don’t mind really, they can wait for Miss Vivian forever ! well at least until it’s time for supper!

Finally she says ” Come along boys , lets head in, we’ll come out again tomorrow, after all it is another day ”



I have just updated the about page and also the cast page, explaining what this blog is about and the people who inhabit it.

I hope to try and add something at least once a month but hopefully a little more than that , only time will tell if I managed it.

Thank you for visiting



Jack who came to the Schoenhut Village to help at the new Elephant Sanctuary has spent all his time in a jumble of clothes that were to meant to keep him warm while proper clothes were found for him.


Finally today he got some clothes to wear that fit him! A nice long sleeved white T shirt and a part of long blue shorts , some socks and a pair of blue shoes.

Because it’s also a little chilly now at night he’s also got a nice knitted gillet with hood . It won’t get in the way when he’s tending to the Elephants.


I need to discuss with him what he wants to do about his hair! He likes the very short look, he says it’s handy when he’s working not to have his hair falling in his eyes! So a search for a very short hair style will be needed.




Earlier this year I came across this little baby. He been in a bad accident and needed a home!

He’s been sitting around waiting for some attention! So today I took a couple of photo’s and while I did he told me his name Albert but he wants to be known as Albie.

Albie will be needing some TLC at some stage but for now he’s just glad to finally be out in the light and have a promise of some clothes to wear.


Yes he’d had a hard life but I could not leave him to go to the doll scrap heap.


His face is quite untouched apart from the usual nose knock! and he adoption fee was so low , barely the price of a couple of decent magazines!


I found Albie today along side his brothers Edward and Jack, Edward is also having some work done on his face. So now Little Albie can at least have his nose touched up and a set of clothes until I decide if we try and remake his missing limbs.

He’s only about 12 inches long or would be if he had his missing limbs and feet.





Gertie’s raided the dressing up box and decided to spend the day as a nurse from the forties.


Now she just needs someone to be her patient!



She finds one of the Misses Maple in the soon to be finished kitchen.


Unfortunately Miss Maple is busy but she does tell Gertie where she can find some patients .. up in the nursery.

Gertie happily goes in off to find her patients , planning all sorts of treatments they’ll need, cod liver oil , cold flannels on their brow, exercise to build up their strength, bed bath’s … maybe we should warn them?



The St.Ipps Elephant Sanctuary

Here in St. Ipps the village just along from the Sasha village , there is a very special place that’s just opened.

It started a few years back when an old Schoenhut Circus elephant came to live in the village.


He was tired and sad that he no longer had children playing with him and was so happy to find a new home where he was surrounded by Schoenhut children and also Sasha children.

He loved his new life but something was missing…. family.. elephants live in herds , so a lone elephant missed having others around to talk to and join in with.

Then just the other week another elephant came to join the family.


This poor one’s strings are so loose it can hardly stand up!


But it does have a very rare thing! The end of it’s trunk! although the rubbers degraded, so it can no longer stay attached to the rest of the trunk, it’s owner likes to carry it around and pretend it still works, until it drops off!



But not one but two elephants arrived to join the lonely old elephant.


So now there were three happy elephants beginning to form their own new herd.

And then Monty had an idea! He decided that he would open a Sanctuary for old Schoenhut Circus elephants , so they could spend their days joining roaming free about the sanctuary grounds doing what they wanted and not entertaining people in circuses.

Of course normally in the UK we have donkey sanctuary’s! So it’s lucky that a couple of Schoenhut donkeys decided that they’d travel with the elephants to the new Sanctuary to join in!


These two lads look a right couple of characters!


and now these are the Sanctuary’s first residents , will there be any others….. who can say!

Of course they’ll need someone to help look after them and that’s where the new lad Jack comes in.


Being new Jack will be settling in along with the Elephants and donkeys, getting to know the place and each other.

You can see that the elephants are quite small compared to Jack, that’s because they are an extremely rare breed of elephant, The Schoenhut Pygmy elephant, bred to be used in the circuses of the Schoenhut and only now escaping to live a life of freedom.

So we’ll be coming back, to see how the elephants and donkeys are getting on in their new home and whether any others have joined the herd over the coming months.





Miss Vivian needed to get some things in for Christmas, so popped into the local shop in the Sasha Village for a few items.


“Hello Bruno ” says Miss Vivian

Bruno a little star struck at seeing Miss Vivian is back stuttersĀ  “Hello Miss Vivian ”


” I know you are nearly about to shut but can I just get a few things? ”

” Of course!”


Bruno waits while Miss Vivian makes a few selections.


“I’ll take the smaller items” says Miss Vivian , while Bruno tots up the cost ” Can you send the bigger one’s on to the Rectory? ”

” Yes ” mumbles Bruno trying not to lose count.


” Bruno ” says Miss Vivian as she’s leaving ” whatever it is you are worrying about.. it will all be fine ”

“Really? ” ask Bruno hopefully

“Of course after all…


Tomorrow is another day ”

and with that she’s gone……