Another member of the schoenhuts living in the Village is Clementine.


is Clementine. Her mother is Evelyn .


and she is the big sister of Clara and Edward.


Here she is with her little sister Clara.


She also helps out when Elizabeth Grace needs someone to go Holly hunting with her, Clementine loves flowers and nature just like her aunt Vita.




Some times you just have to see who the next door neighbours are ….


This is Elizabeth Grace , her father is the local Lord of the Manor.


She is the eldest of the Lord Robert Sinclair’s children and now helps out at home.


Recently she went to check on how the Holly was growing as Christmas will soon arrive and they’ll need lots to deck the Manor House.


She’s also been looking out for some Mistletoe because Monty is back home and she has always had a very soft spot for him.


Well she needs to get on and start on writing the Christmas cards ready for her father to sign, it’s a long job when you have to send one to everyone in the surrounding villages.


I hope she can stop daydreaming about Monty long enough to get started on those cards!




When you are having fun! Or so they say! It also fly’s when you are working and just dealing with day to day life!

But today i found time to gather most of the Schoenhut dolls together for a group photo!



I managed to get a photo of Lily, Cousin Ron, Maudie and Gertie all together!


Then it was time for the group shot and trying to get everyone in the photo.


It was hard to keep the younger ones still long enough to get a good shot!


But finally it all came together. It’s a shame that not everyone joined in but hopefully I’ll managed the whole group soon!





Evelyn and Vita-Margery’s big brother Montacute, Monty for short as also arrived back from travelling the world.


He’s decided he needs a complete up date and is growing his hair and looking to get himself a decent pair of corded trousers and warm sweater and a good pair of shoes.


His little sister Vita – Margery feels quite shy around him, the last time she saw him he was 18 and heading for the train station to catch a train to Liverpool where he would board a boat to America and she was still a toddler!



Monty is glad to be back amongst his family and looking to settle down into the village once again.




One of the newer members of the family is Evelyn’s sister Vita – Margery.


Vita – Margery is the youngest of Evelyn’s siblings and very into gardening. She is named for two famous gardeners Vita Sackville West and Margery Fish and loves reading their books and trying out their planting schemes.


She keeps her hair short so it does not get in her way when she’s digging out a border ! Evelyn loves when she comes to visit as Vita- Margery is guaranteed to start weeding the flower beds and pruning the roses! Saving Evelyn a job!



Normally Vita – Margery is wearing scruffy clothes so she does not get her good clothes dirty but when she visits with her sister she knows to dress smartly or Evelyn will take her to task!




Evelyn was so pleased with her new washing machine , that she decided that she need a whole kitchen!

She’s an old fashioned girl at heart so she does not want any of these new modern high tech things , she wants a nice old fashioned mismatched warm kitchen that’s the heart of the home.

So she sent Mrs Mum off to find her just the right sized range cooker like people used in the twenties.

Today it arrived.


Evelyn is delighted with her ‘new’ old cooker !


Maude one of the Sasha village children arrived and Evelyn’s been showing her everything. Maude is too polite to ask why she’s got such an old looking thing!


Evelyn owns some lovely copper pots that will be just perfect for her new range.


She tells Maude all about the butler sink she wants , Maude is impressed she’ll have  a butler to do her washing up!


Maude goes off to tell her family that Evelyn’s getting a butler to do the washing up! While Evelyn makes plans on what else she needs for the perfect kitchen.




Today Evelyn and Ivy decided to have some photo’s taken , It was almost a family photo but poor Edward is away in the St.Ipps Hospital finally having some work done on his face.

So not quite everyone took part.


It was lovely and sunny , so they decided to have the photos taken outside, however Ron was being naughty and standing on his chair instead of sitting quietly like the girls.


Gertie , Lilly and Maude were sitting nicely just chatting, with Gertie watching what the photographer was doing.


Ivy was wishing she’d had time to change out of her uniform but she was on call so could have to dash off to deliver a baby at any minute!

Evelyn as usual was looking splendid and had a parasol to help keep the sun off her head.


meanwhile Ron was trying to encourage Clara to climb up on the chair back with him, Clara was tempted ! it looked like fun!


Before she gets a chance to move, Ron’s been told to ‘sit down and behave’ by Evelyn whose also giving them both ‘the look’


The Sasha sisters ,who are waiting behind for their turn with the photographer, chatter about now naughty Ron can be but he does make them giggle with his antic’s!


Finally everyone’s seated and behaving.


Say Cheese!






Evelyn’s decided to splash out and buy a ‘new’ washing machine ! Well it’s new to Evelyn who normally uses a wash tub and scrubbing board to do the weekly wash.


It’s cover is nice and clean although it’s had a few knocks and scrapes over it’s working life.


She drops in a sweater to check how much will go in. It will be nice to have the mangle as part of the machine, although she’ll not get rid of her old one quite yet!


Young Zak from the Sasha Village stops by just at that moment and looks the washer over , asking all sorts of questions!


Evelyn explains all bout how the machine is used and how the mangle squeezes the water out of the clothes. Zak likes the sound of squeezing water out with the mangle! and ask’s his auntie Evelyn if he can turn the mangle and squeeze out the water!

Evelyn promises he’ll get first go at turning the mangle, once it been installed in the kitchen and a wash put on and finished.

Zak is very happy to be first to help turn the mangle. But how long will that last once he realises just how much hard work it can be!




Today the friends , Evelyn and Ivy had a chance to get outside into Evelyn’s garden. The children have had a great time playing and have finally settled down to have a treat.


Evelyn sits at the table with little Gertie.


While Ivy settles Evelyn’s son Edward over at the picnic table with the girls.

Edward is still recovering from his fall.



Meanwhile Ivy’s son Ron’s is still playing on the carriage cycle.



Ivy settles Edward at the table but he cannot quite reach to eat his ice cream sundae !

She offers to move him to the bench but he wants to stay in the wheelchair because he feels safer there!


Clara, Edwards sister, is chatting to Lillie about the ice cream sundae’s Lillie’s chosen a blackberry one while Clara’s gone for strawberry.


“Well Edward what are we to do? if you stay in the chair you cannot reach your sundae!”

“maybe I could hold it? ” says Edward

“It will be quite cold the glass” Ivy tells him


Little Gertie , sitting with Aunt Evelyn is so excited to be having a lovely chocolate sundae.


Her sister Maudie is telling Clara and Lillie that lemon is her most favourite ice cream in the whole wide world!


Ivy calls to Ron, to come and get his ice cream before it melts!


Lots of happy sighing and giggling goes on at the childrens table.


Ivy’s helped Edward put his ice cream sundae tucked in his arm, so he’s protected slightly from the cold of the glass by his sweater. Edward gazes happily at his glass he loves ice cream.


Lots of chatting and eating .


Now Ivy cannot decide what to have ! Ice cream sundae or tea  and cake! Evelyn does not like Ice cream it’s too cold she says , so she’s having a lovely cup of tea and an cream cake.

“Oh what to do!2 says Ivy laughing

“you could have both ” smiles Evelyn

“Don’t tempt me Evie!” laughs Ivy ” I’d be built like a house in no time if I start doing that!”


” WAIT FOR ME!” yells Ron hurriedly cycling towards the picnic table realising that hes missing out!


“RON!” “Ugh” Gross!” say the girls all together as Ron jumps off his cycle and over the bench and buries his face in his sundae!


” Ron you are being a piggy! ” says Maudie ” use a spoon!”

Ron ignores her and continues licking and slurping up his ice cream.



Clara cannot believe what Ron’s doing !


Luckily for Ron the adults don’t notice his bad behavour and soon all’s quiet while the children tuck in!


The families enjoy sitting in the garden enjoying the sun after all the recent rain.

Later everyone helps to clear away the dishes.


Oh what’s this! Poor Edwards been forgotten ! he still sits gazing at his now melting ice cream ! let’s hope he eats it before they come back for him or he’ll have to have it as a drink!






Poor Edwards taken a tumble and fallen and hurt his head and his arm!


Cousin Ron is rushing him to the St Ippolyts Infirmary so they can look after him.


Poor Edward ! He is already waiting for an operation to correct his Missing paint disease!

a delicate process that will take a steady hand!



Don’t worry calls Ron as he tries to pedal the big bike! He has to wait for each pedal to reach his foot then push down as hard as he can to send the other pedal up so he can reach it!


Finally Ron hands poor Edward over to Sister Ivy who helps Edward into a wheelchair and takes him off to wards the ward.


You’ll need an Injection says Sister Ivy , to make sure you don’t get an infection!


We don’t want you getting very ill and having to stay with us for the summer!

Edward just groans!