Margery Vita would like to wish you all A Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.



I had this outfit made for an old Kathe Kruse doll I own and was about to put Monty back into the cabinet with his schoenhut family when I thought I would try it on him as the two dolls are a very similar size.

Well I’m over the moon that it does also fit Monty ! I also have the trousers in a dark green. The trousers are a tiny bit on the short side but not enough to look strange or like they have divorced his ankles!

Now he just needs a pair of decent shoes as he is still wearing the shoes he arrived in and they have seen better days and are also getting quite fragile.

I originally had him out to finally fix his wig in place. It was forever slipping off and I would have to spend ages trying to find the front and fit it back , only for it to move again five minutes later. I was going to repair the large chip on his forehead but have decided not to bother as it’s completely hidden by the wigs fringe.

So now it’s nailed /tacked in place and finally I no longer have to worry about it moving. It really suits him and is a real hair wig, so lovely and natural.

He’s not a short back and sides boy, he likes to have a little extra at the back for when he is out working in the winter , it helps to keep his neck nice and warm if he’s forgotten his scarf !

So I am really pleased I decide to try these clothes on Monty and that now he has a few extra clothes for him to wear, now I need to make him a nice it vest to go over the top of the shirt.


These are the two I forgot to add to the group photo I took of my Schoenhut family. Both are Miss Dolly sculpts but the smaller of the two a basic model and the larger a sleeping eyed Miss Dolly.

Betsy here is a very poor Schoenhut, her limbs are a little on the floppy side and her previous owner as given her a complete repaint but I think a wonderful one. They have given her such lovely eyes and a lovely smooth look to her skin.

She is a true waif but a beautiful one to me.

Where as Merry here is completely original and also a sleeping eyed girl, she can lay down and her eyes will close, she does not have to stare at the ceiling until it’s time to get up again. I believe her wig is original also. Another sweetheart in the family group.

I’m planning on bringing the Schoenhuts down to a manageable group of ten to twelve over the coming months, so far it is slowly happening.


I have been trying to gather all the Schoenhuts together for a photo shoot for , well months! But also at the same time I have been downsizing some in order to have a more manageable group.

Even though I finally gathered them all up , I stillmanaged to miss one ! I do have an excuse as I was taking the photos on a cane chair out in the garden and the sky was starting to fill with grey cloud and the sound of thunder could be heard slowly getting closer. So even though I thought something or someone was missing I didn’t hand around.

I started with my biggest dolls Evelyn and her younger brother Montacute , don’t mention Mony’s missing wig , another thing I didn’t have time to find before starting! These two are around 21/ 22 inches.

Next to join them were from the left, Vivian Scarlett, Elizabeth Grace and a ‘new’ member Molly, who is waiting on a new wig and just useing this one for now.

You can see they are all the same face sculpt but Molly has blue eyes while the others brown.

I then added , from the left, Lily, Maude , cousin Ron and Gertie. They also share the same face sculpt but is it also the same as the bigger dolls?

I am really going to have to get my schoenhut book out and see if they are .

Now this girl, Vita Margery, is on the adoption list and at some stage she was resprayed and her paint is cracking.

She again is the 308 sculpt and blue eyed , I cannot decide whether to keep her and remove the cracking paint or leave her up for adoption !

Now jointing the group is , on the far right, Ivy Beatrice , a Miss Dolly , and in front of her Gloria , also a Miss dolly

Then I had a rearrange to add in the last few dolls.

These three from the left are Clara , Penny and Nina, carved haired girls.

Now I would love to say there they all are but of course I forgot one ! No in fact I forgot two! Merry but also Betsy are

both missing from this group. so I will need to take another few photos.

Some of these dolls I am going to put up for adoption, so I think I will do another photo shoot minus them. I have , or will have almost halved my original collection and hope that this will allow me to start spending more time with them.


It’s Easter and Cousin Ron, Lilly and Miss Gloria are checking out the shop window.

Cousin Ron is loving the enormous easter egg in the window display.

So much to choose from eggs, bunnies etc.

Betsy who is helping out in the shop, chats to cousin Ron while he looks his fill.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a great weekend.


A new tea room has opened in the village .

It is proving very popular.

a glimpse in the window

Cousin Ron and Maudie are inside waiting for Lilly to arrive, the waitress Betsy is taking their order.

“Can we have a pot of tea for three please ” Maudie requests ” and some more cupcakes, my sister will be here in a moment “

” Certainly Miss ” answers Betsy ” I bring it over once she’s arrived so it’s nice and hot “

“Thank you “

It’s not long before Lilly is sitting at the table and Betsy is serving the tea.

” Can I have a cheese sandwich ” Lilly asks Betsy ” I’m starving ! “

“Of course Miss , I’ll be right back “

Lilly has eaten her sandwich and they are now on their second pot of tea!

The tea room is starting to fill up, Miss Gloria is now at the other table.

Betsy goes over to take her order.

“Good afternoon Miss Gloria , what can I get you today? “

” Oh I’ll just have a pot of tea and a couple of your delicious macaroons please “

“Coming right up “

The sound of gentle chatter fills the place along with the rattle of tea cups

Miss Gloria’s bike is outside, no lock, this village is a very safe and friendly place, where everyone knows everyone else and they all look out for each other.

I think we will leave them all to their afternoon tea, I’m off to have a cuppa myself !


It’s Valentine’s day so Monty is visiting his own true love

Elizabeth Grace

” Elizabeth , please accept these flowers with my highest regard ” Monty says handing her the flowers ” They are not much and I wish I could buy you a dozen red roses but alas funds will not allow “

” Oh Monty , I do not need a dozen red roses ! These flowers are beautiful because they are from you ” She says shyly

Slipping his arm round her shoulder he says softly ” One day I will make my fortune and can ask your father for your hand in marriage, Can you wait for me my Elizabeth? “

” Of course I can Monty but I do not need a fortune just your love ” Elizabeth smiles , snuggling into her beau.


Well finally we had some snow down here in the south east of England.

Gloria was quick to add a scarf and sock mittens to her outfit and get outside and have a look about.

She loved seeing the snow but did not want to stay outside too long because it was quick cold and she wished she’d put on some trousers to help keep her legs warmer.

Today, Thursday Lilly finally found a coat , so she to could go outside into the snow. Most of the snow was gone but last night it had been extra cold! So some pockets of snow were still around, like on the wall.

Lilly had forgotten all about putting on some mittens to keep her hands warm.

It was not until she decided to wave at the neighbours that I saw she was not wearing any mittens ” Lilly you must be freezing!”

” I am a little bit ” she suddenly shivered.

” Come along back inside ” I said ” It far to cold out her for such little ones ” and for once she was happy to do as I asked, so she must have been cold!


So I’m doing some tidying and decide to put a few Schoenhut dolls into a dolls cot that just happens to be around . I carry on with my sorting and when I return I find this !

She made herself comfortable in the space in the centre and went to sleep ! None of the dolls complained about their legs going numb so I suppose all was well and they did say she kept them nice and toasty!