The St.Ipps Elephant Sanctuary

Here in St. Ipps the village just along from the Sasha village , there is a very special place that’s just opened.

It started a few years back when an old Schoenhut Circus elephant came to live in the village.


He was tired and sad that he no longer had children playing with him and was so happy to find a new home where he was surrounded by Schoenhut children and also Sasha children.

He loved his new life but something was missing…. family.. elephants live in herds , so a lone elephant missed having others around to talk to and join in with.

Then just the other week another elephant came to join the family.


This poor one’s strings are so loose it can hardly stand up!


But it does have a very rare thing! The end of it’s trunk! although the rubbers degraded, so it can no longer stay attached to the rest of the trunk, it’s owner likes to carry it around and pretend it still works, until it drops off!



But not one but two elephants arrived to join the lonely old elephant.


So now there were three happy elephants beginning to form their own new herd.

And then Monty had an idea! He decided that he would open a Sanctuary for old Schoenhut Circus elephants , so they could spend their days joining roaming free about the sanctuary grounds doing what they wanted and not entertaining people in circuses.

Of course normally in the UK we have donkey sanctuary’s! So it’s lucky that a couple of Schoenhut donkeys decided that they’d travel with the elephants to the new Sanctuary to join in!


These two lads look a right couple of characters!


and now these are the Sanctuary’s first residents , will there be any others….. who can say!

Of course they’ll need someone to help look after them and that’s where the new lad Jack comes in.


Being new Jack will be settling in along with the Elephants and donkeys, getting to know the place and each other.

You can see that the elephants are quite small compared to Jack, that’s because they are an extremely rare breed of elephant, The Schoenhut Pygmy elephant, bred to be used in the circuses of the Schoenhut and only now escaping to live a life of freedom.

So we’ll be coming back, to see how the elephants and donkeys are getting on in their new home and whether any others have joined the herd over the coming months.






Miss Vivian needed to get some things in for Christmas, so popped into the local shop in the Sasha Village for a few items.


“Hello Bruno ” says Miss Vivian

Bruno a little star struck at seeing Miss Vivian is back stuttersĀ  “Hello Miss Vivian ”


” I know you are nearly about to shut but can I just get a few things? ”

” Of course!”


Bruno waits while Miss Vivian makes a few selections.


“I’ll take the smaller items” says Miss Vivian , while Bruno tots up the cost ” Can you send the bigger one’s on to the Rectory? ”

” Yes ” mumbles Bruno trying not to lose count.


” Bruno ” says Miss Vivian as she’s leaving ” whatever it is you are worrying about.. it will all be fine ”

“Really? ” ask Bruno hopefully

“Of course after all…


Tomorrow is another day ”

and with that she’s gone……






There is much excitement in the Schoenhut Village because a star has returned


Miss Vivian Scarlet Schoenhut a world famous actress and movie star’s returned from making her latest film. Miss Vivian was raised in the village and still lives at home with her parents in the old rectory.


Miss Vivian has been acting since before she could walk and starred in many films and television programme’s.


Her latest film is Gone with The bins! a tragic tale of a child abandoned in a bin saved by the binman who brings her up as his own.


Only for her real mother to turn up when she comes of age to try to claim a share of the plantation she’s been left by her paternal grandfather!


Miss Vivian loves returning home to share tales of her adventures on the film sets of the world and the people who share them with her.


and her friends love having her back and hearing all her film gossip!








Monty has come to wish everyone who visited this blog a very happy new year for 2018.


He would also like to thank Colin and Elizabeth for the Christmas card.

Monty also wants to say that we hope to be blogging more this year as he as lots of plans in the pipeline plus there is a lot going on in the village and at Schoenhut house.

Until then…


” Alas poor C3P0 I knew him , Horatio !”


” A fellow of most infinite jest , of most excellent fancy”


” Once you were a star most bright of the widest screen!”


” But now it is another seen!”





Two of the residents of the Schoenhut Village are the Misses Maple, Rose and her twin sister Mary.


They live together in a small cottage near the village green, so seem to know everything that goes on !


Mary on the left loves studying nature and Rose on the right loves studying people!

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them in the coming year.




Another member of the schoenhuts living in the Village is Clementine.


is Clementine. Her mother is Evelyn .


and she is the big sister of Clara and Edward.


Here she is with her little sister Clara.


She also helps out when Elizabeth Grace needs someone to go Holly hunting with her, Clementine loves flowers and nature just like her aunt Vita.



Some times you just have to see who the next door neighbours are ….


This is Elizabeth Grace , her father is the local Lord of the Manor.


She is the eldest of the Lord Robert Sinclair’s children and now helps out at home.


Recently she went to check on how the Holly was growing as Christmas will soon arrive and they’ll need lots to deck the Manor House.


She’s also been looking out for some Mistletoe because Monty is back home and she has always had a very soft spot for him.


Well she needs to get on and start on writing the Christmas cards ready for her father to sign, it’s a long job when you have to send one to everyone in the surrounding villages.


I hope she can stop daydreaming about Monty long enough to get started on those cards!




When you are having fun! Or so they say! It also fly’s when you are working and just dealing with day to day life!

But today i found time to gather most of the Schoenhut dolls together for a group photo!



I managed to get a photo of Lily, Cousin Ron, Maudie and Gertie all together!


Then it was time for the group shot and trying to get everyone in the photo.


It was hard to keep the younger ones still long enough to get a good shot!


But finally it all came together. It’s a shame that not everyone joined in but hopefully I’ll managed the whole group soon!





Evelyn and Vita-Margery’s big brother Montacute, Monty for short as also arrived back from travelling the world.


He’s decided he needs a complete up date and is growing his hair and looking to get himself a decent pair of corded trousers and warm sweater and a good pair of shoes.


His little sister Vita – Margery feels quite shy around him, the last time she saw him he was 18 and heading for the train station to catch a train to Liverpool where he would board a boat to America and she was still a toddler!



Monty is glad to be back amongst his family and looking to settle down into the village once again.




One of the newer members of the family is Evelyn’s sister Vita – Margery.


Vita – Margery is the youngest of Evelyn’s siblings and very into gardening. She is named for two famous gardeners Vita Sackville West and Margery Fish and loves reading their books and trying out their planting schemes.


She keeps her hair short so it does not get in her way when she’s digging out a border ! Evelyn loves when she comes to visit as Vita- Margery is guaranteed to start weeding the flower beds and pruning the roses! Saving Evelyn a job!



Normally Vita – Margery is wearing scruffy clothes so she does not get her good clothes dirty but when she visits with her sister she knows to dress smartly or Evelyn will take her to task!